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Photograph © Dwayne Brown Studio


      An enthusiastic, dependable and dedicated cellist and pedagogue, Aiden Russell has a passion for teaching cello, piano, and music theory lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. With a background of progressing through the RCM examinations, he is well able to prepare students for those as well. When teaching the cello, Aiden believes in an emphasis on proper posture and playing technique to avoid injury and develop good habits early-on. Exercises away from the instrument are a key pedagogical tool to isolate a specific movement, large or small, that relates to playing the cello. Aiden does not just teach the cello - he teaches the student. During lessons, there is encouragement for students to ask questions and discuss their ideas. He is committed to giving them the tools to become creative and informed artists capable of forming their own opinions, and following their own musical journeys. Aiden often uses fun anecdotes in lessons to describe an idea or technique being worked on by a student in a way that may be more relatable for them, tailoring it to the age of the student. There are long-term studio goals such as recitals, as he believes in the importance of giving his students the opportunity to perform regularly, along with a means of celebrating their efforts. Aiden strives to incorporate theory instruction into the performance and analysis of repertoire with students of every age, encouraging them to explore the historical and theoretical context of the notes on the page. Through his integrated curriculum, he inspires his students to achieve their musical aspirations and goals at all ages and skill levels.

Please contact Aiden for private lessons through the contact page of this website.

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